CAPC Advisory Board

The Advisory Board governs CAPC by broad policies and objectives, formulated and agreed upon by the director and staff. These include assigning priorities and ensuring the organization's capacity to carry out programs by continually reviewing its work and assisting in all stages of development including building an endowment for academic chairs, fellowship programs, a Center library, and other programs.

2016-2017 CAPC Advisory Board

  Monica M. Healy, Chair

  Anthony J. Roda, Vice-Chair

  Rosalie M. LaMonica, Secretary

  The Hon. Dennis A. Cardoza

  The Hon. Dick D'Amato

  Don DeArmon

  Ronald A. Faucheux

  Al From

  Jamie Gregory

  Johanna Berkson

   Gerard C. (Jerry) Higgins

  The Hon. John A. Hurson

  The Hon. Thomas McMillen

  Christian Myers

  Scott Richman

   Susan W. Turnbull

  The Hon. Joseph D. Tydings