Welcome from Dr. Stella Rouse

Director's Welcome

Thank you for taking the time to visit CAPC’s webpage. Over the past year we have been   reorganizing the structure and priorities of the Center and our new website reflects this new vision. The Center continuously conducts work to address major issues of governance and how the public can become informed, interested, and engaged and help craft solutions to our society’s biggest problems. Whether you are a scholar, student, alumni, government official, or  just a concerned citizen, we invite you to be a part of the Center’s mission. We are excited about the current and planned initiatives, projects, partnerships, and events the Center has targeted. All of our work is designed around the relationship between the people and their government.

In keeping with the Center’s mission, this past year we took advantage of our partnership with the Washington Post to conduct two polls that gauged Maryland citizens’ opinions about a number of issues. The poll has been featured in prominent news outlets, including the New York Times and NBC news. In addition, we hosted an important event on the issue of “Money in Politics” that included several current and former policymakers from both parties. Beyond these featured projects, we are also engaged in new partnerships with OurTime.org to help engage Millennials in the political process and with MLAW to leverage commonalities between politics and law and help train the next generation of leaders. In the near future, we will launch a podcast to provide yet another outlet for education and information, and host a number of events designed to address important issues.

The Center is also working to expand experiential learning opportunities for students through diverse internships such as working at the Maryland State Legislature, at state executive level offices (e.g., Attorney General, Comptroller), in local county and city offices, and on Capitol Hill. Students can also gain hands-on knowledge and experience by working with faculty and graduate students to gather data and conduct research, give presentations, expand their professional writing skills and prepare for job interviews through our Research Assistantship program. Many students who have worked with CAPC have gone on to obtain jobs in academia, non-profit and policy organizations, and private corporations.

CAPC’s success relies upon your support of our mission. You can support the Center in a number of ways—from financial support, to sharing ideas about new projects, to getting involved with our internship programs, to helping forge new partnerships and collaborations. If you have ideas or suggestions for CAPC, do not hesitate to contact me. I am excited about the Center’s new initiatives and projects and I am honored to help lead the effort.

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