Welcome from Dr. Stella Rouse

Director's Welcome

Welcome to the website for the Center for American Politics and Citizenship (CAPC) at the University of Maryland. Here you can find more information about the people affiliated with our center, our research, and our existing partnerships. CAPC works to address major issues of governance and how to make the public more informed, interested, and engaged in these issues. We train future leaders to grapple with the pressing issues of tomorrow and encourage a more effective and responsive government.

One of our key partnerships is with the Washington Post to conduct a national and state poll gauging public opinions. Stay tuned for our 2018 Maryland poll that will be focused on the 2018 elections. Our most recent national poll, released in October 2017, was featured in prominent outlets like CNN and Slate. Other recent media coverage of our faculty research has been featured in NBC News and U.S. News & World Report.

CAPC also partners with Shibley Telhami, the Anwar Sadat Chair for Peace & Development and Nielsen Scarborough on the Critical Issues Poll. In February 2018 the most recent poll found that American national identity has declined over the past two years among both Republicans and Democrats, while religious identity is on the rise for Republicans and cosmopolitan identity is on the rise for Democrats.

Beyond research we work to provide experiential learning opportunities for undergraduate students through internships and research assistantships. We have a partnership with the Maryland General Assembly and in Spring 2018 have over 20 students participating in internships at the State Capitol. Our internship program has more than 40 students enrolled overall and some of the other internship sites include Congress and various embassies.

Our undergraduate research assistantship program has 7 students enrolled this semester, all of whom receive research training, help a faculty mentor with his or her research, and then develop their own unique research project. Students present their findings to faculty during a symposium at the end of the semester. We have also been awarded funds by the Fund for Latino Scholarship at the American Political Science Association to hire an undergraduate research fellow to work on issues related to race and ethnicity in American politics.

I’ve highlighted just a few of our programs and research projects, but encourage you to learn more about all of CAPC’s work by exploring our website more. Thank you for visiting our website and please reach out if you would like to support CAPC in its efforts.

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