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Civic Engagement and Participation

CAPC faculty research topics like voter registration, voting convenience, and voting technology with an aim to learn what reforms will increase the number of Americans that vote and contribute to American democracy.

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State, Local, and Maryland Politics

CAPC is located near Maryland’s state capitol and many faculty study Maryland state government and politics, including voter identification laws and local compliance with federal civil rights laws.

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Race and Ethnicity in Politics

Faculty study how race and ethnicity affect American politics and policy, specifically researching voter participation within specific groups like Latinos and African Americans. 

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Immigration Politics

A few CAPC faculty study immigration politics and policy including topics like immigration enforcement, public opinion towards immigration, and the privatization of immigration control.


Millennial Politics

CAPC faculty research millennials’ attitudes towards and participation in American politics. Some studies include voter turnout among college students and where college students should vote.



CAPC is also located just outside Washington, D.C. and many CAPC faculty members research congressional issues like how group dynamics affect cosponsorship, electoral pressures, and constituency interests.

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The Presidency

CAPC faculty members also research the presidency, including such topics as presidential power and presidential campaigning.