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Civic Engagement and Participation

CAPC Faculty are engaged in a number of projects designed to increase the proportion of Americans that vote and contribute to American democracy. See Relevant Projects for a more comprehensive list of faculty work on the topic.

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State, Local, and Maryland Politics

CAPC is located only 30 miles away from Maryland's state capitol, and several of CAPC's faculty are experts on Maryland state government and politics, including state elections, campaign finance, and voting. Anchored by the research conducted...

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Race, Ethnicity, and Gender in Politics

CAPC researchers study how race and gender affect American politics and policy. This includes how the race, ethinicity, gender, and other personal characteristics of candidates for national and state-level...

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Immigration Politics

CAPC's work in immigration politics and policy focuses topics such as the DREAM Act, which aims to grant citizenship to students who graduate college in the United States; the benefits of immigrant rehabilitation services versus detention; and...

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Millennial Politics

CAPC Faculty take a number of approaches to studying the current and potential impact of young people on American politics. This includes thinking through the way that millennials view critical political issues such as partisanship and homeland...

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CAPC faculty have published extensively on issues related to issues such as presidential campaign visits, political experience, and the effect of race and gender on a candidate's prospects for success. Their research also includes such topics as...

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Publications Repository

A directory of the current and past research of CAPC faculty